Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"The Window"

We are getting closer to "The Window". The Window is that span of months when CHSFS estimates you'll receive your referral. In a month and a half, we will have hit our window and then waiting will become more difficult. In the meantime, we create things to do!

In addition to taking classes (towards my MBA), and Terry taking classes for Amharic (the official Ethiopian language), Terry is still working on the bathroom, and I am knitting little baby hats. It turns out the baby hats are a hit! Several people from the CHSFS forum have asked me for one, and I am happy to oblige. It takes a few hours to whip one up and I have to admit they are pretty darn cute! I have my first one sitting by the television just begging to be worn by a little one. It reminds me that we are indeed waiting for that precious being to enter our lives.

Darwin and Ellis have tried it on for us (umm, not by choice. Trust me: They did not volunteer for this assignment) and have confirmed that one of the next hats needs to have cute little ear holes for kitties. I don't think they will be happy about this. Nevertheless, I think it might have to happen. Sadistic? A bit... But, the kitties need to help us wait this out! I'll post photos of Ellis modeling as soon as I get it downloaded :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Knitting While We Wait

So, here is the other thing I am doing while we wait.
Happy Knitting!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hitting Me Like A Brick

Immediately after authoring my last blog, it really hit me: In a few short months, Terry and I will be parents. The waiting time is flying faster than imagined. Still, there are virtually no reminders in our home that a baby is forthcoming...

So, I continue fake shopping! I have really added to my amazon.com wishlist. After consulting with the all-knowing Roobutt, parent extraordinaire, I decided I could add a few more things to the wishlist, including baby spoons, baby bowls that suction to the high chair tray (apparently this is a "must!"), nuks, sippy cups, and more nipples. Ahh, the joys of fake shopping... now where am I going to put all of these things?!

Still, my amazon list is, admittedly, full of books. Books, books and more books. Did I mention books? Our poor child is going to be toy-free. My mother has assured me, however, that children really do prefer boxes, just like our cats! You can slide down boxes, hide in boxes, play peek-a-boo with boxes, set up shop (in our case, with books) in a box... we love the box! And, how wonderful is it that boxes are free almost everywhere! Well, I digress, why do I put so many books on the list? Well, this is probably because I am not a toy aficionado. Also, I was a complete bookworm as a kid-- Dad, how many trips to the used bookstore did we make on weekends?!-- and can easily pick out a million books for baby Coleman. Seriously, I can't wait to hold little baby Coleman in my arms and read him or her book after book while cuddling and bonding. Picture perfect world? Probably. But, I can't wait!

I suppose that we can't have our baby have nothing but books, so if you have fun ideas for baby toys, let me know! Until then, I'll keep up the book and baby supply list on amazon.com, and continue to ponder exactly which cloth diaper is the best cloth diaper...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

2 months, 60 days, 1440 hours...

We have neared the 2 month mark of "officially waiting". It is hard to believe that so many days have gone by...

We were told our wait would be 4-6 months; according to those estimations we are either 1/2 way done waiting, or 1/3 done waiting! Honestly, I haven't been thinking about it that much knowing that our minimum wait will be 4 months. So, I haven't been doing things like hanging around the phone (I've left it at home a bazillion times) or worrying about if I've missed a call when I leave town. I admit to checking where we are on "the list" on the CHSFS forum quite frequently--we moved from #42 to #38 today!!-- and becoming more enraptured with the details of others experiences with packing, making airline plans, packing and purchasing. It's good to be prepared, and I am nothing, if not anal planner (this is no secret)!

I've been wanting to start shopping for baby clothes, and to start knitting baby hats, booties, and sweaters, but remember that we don't know if our baby is a boy or a girl, or if s/he is a week old or 11 months old! Ahh, the differences between being pregnant and waiting patiently for a referral become so clear at this stage of adoption. I bide some of my time by "shopping" on Amazon.com... this means I keep adding things to my wishlist. I call this "fake shopping", but it does curb the baby-shopping appetite!

I have started wondering more if our baby has been born yet or if s/he is still cuddly warm inside his/her bio mommy. If our baby is born, is s/he still with her mother, who is trying to make a decision, or is s/he at the care center now, being cared for by the loving CHSFS staff? Either way, I hope that our baby-to-be is healthy and happy. I also hope that our baby's biological mommy is doing well, and has the support of friends and family as she ponders decisions about her beautiful child.

So, for those of you waiting patiently with us, thanks for hanging in there! Nope, we don't know anything yet, except this: We've waited 86,400 minutes.

Addis Ababa Time