Sunday, October 28, 2007

Conversations in Baby

We drifted off towards Iowa this weekend to visit with Terry's family. This was TN's first time having a long car ride. Since she usually can't make it even 45 minutes in the carseat without trying to peel herself out, 4 hours was going to be quite the adventure. But, all was well as Terry entertained TN while I drove.

Have I mentioned that TN's word count is almost at 30? She seems to come up with something new everyday. So, we're in the car, and Terry is blowing bubbles at TN. Their conversation goes something like this:

Terry: "Bubbles"

TN: "Dodo?"

Terry: "No, Buuubbles"

TN: "Dodo"

Terry: "Bu bbbb les"

TN: "Dodo!"

Terry: "Well, they're similar... but different."

Me from the front seat: "what?!"

For those of you who do not know what a dodo is...
Needless to say, you understand my confusion from the front seat. So, if any of you can give me a good cross comparison of how bubbles and the dodo bird to the left are "similar", please do let me know. I'm quite interested.
So, we get down a little further into Iowa, when they repeat this conversation, only this time it goes something like this:
Terry: "Bubbles"
TN: "bubba?"
Terry: "Bubbbbles"
TN: "bubba?"
Terry: "Okay. Yeah. We're in Iowa now, so that'll work..."
Me from the front seat: "What?! Terry!"
Okay, I am also laughing nearly too hard to drive. So, bubbles, now comes in the form of bubba.
Here's wikipedia's definition: bubba is often used outside the South as a pejorative meaning low economic status and limited education. The term "bubba" may also be taken to mean one who is a "good ol' boy" who has difficult business and social relationships due to his self-absorbed outlook on life.
So, folks, just for the record: bubbles... bubba... similar, but different.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebrating Baby

On Sunday, we were welcomed to EK's house, the wonderful sister of J Bananie, beloved gramma of TN. We celebrated the arrival of little TN with J Bananie's relatives and friends, all of whom spent time adoring The Baby. We were so honored to be a part of this reunion of friends and family, to have TN's arrival into our lives recognized and celebrated. We can't thank each of you (I know you're out there reading!!) enough for your heartfelt words of love and encouragement. Little Terefech Nerys is more loved than any child on earth.

We'll post pictures of TN worshipping her gifts and wrapping paper soon!

"I love your story about..."

This is a statement we hear so often from people we know and don't know. You know, for so long I thought this little blog of mine was read by a small, intimate circle. Little did I know our blog, our story, our journey, and our lives, have touched so many. So, to all of you strangers and unstrangers alike, thank you for reading. So many of you I do not know, or know only through this miracle called the internet. Alas, I wouldn't recognize many of you if I crossed you on the street, or ran into you at the grocery store, but I know your thoughts and hopes are always with us and I am honored and blessed by your support through our journey called parenthood.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Nerys and the Dragon

Nerys received a gift of a dragon puppet... I think it's a Baby Einstein thing. Nevertheless, here is TN falling in love with the dragon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Starting Daycare

Sorry about the lack of posts again; no internet (again) and little TN started Daycare with mommy in tow. For those of you who have traveled down this path, you may understand what a trying time this is.

We decided to do a transition plan. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we got up early and went to daycare from 8:00 am-10:00 am. I stayed with her while she got accustomed to our daycare provider, Tammy, and the few other children that are there. We are incredibly lucky to have Tammy, who has only 5 children in her care. And, she'll only have 5... none of this 10, 11, 12 kids roaming around with one provider. This was so important to us as TN hasn't yet learned the art of playing with other children, and is so passive she doesn't protect herself. However, she is excellent at sharing... everything, even to her own detriment.

The children at daycare are around her age at 2, 3, 3, and 4. They were excited about "the Baby" that is TN. They gave her hugs and kisses, toys, and showed her how to play with things. It was really fun to watch. I hope this makes it easier for TN to be with other children.

Today, TN was supposed to be in care all day, for the first day, without me. After about 5 hours, and a severe bout of constipation, she came home. Frankly, I was happy to have her back with me. I missed the little one as I sat here at home doing errands. While I had her here with me fulltime for 12 weeks, I didn't get much done around the house; I complained and apologized for not being one of those super-moms who can cook, clean, wash diapers and still have uber-time with baby. But, I sure missed having her here and NOT doing those things :)

I start back to work next week. We'll see how things go. I have a feeling we're going to have quite a few half-days, which is totally fine with me. My top priority is her happiness and wellbeing. I wouldn't make a great stay at home mom, fulltime, but I might be happy to do it part time.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Making Milestones

Sorry about the long time between internet makes for no blogging! But, here we are, and my how the time passes and how the girl child we love grows and talks, talks and grows.

To date we are within a hairs breadth of walking. She accidentally stood by herself the other night, which was pretty funny. She was standing at her exersaucer (see pic below) playing the "piano". Daddy was behind her cheering on the excellent rendition of TN Symphony, when I walked in the room. Suddenly, TN decides that it's time to play "so big" with Mommy. She rapidly raised her hands up over her head, leaving her little self completely unsupported. Within seconds she realized she was no longer hanging on. She had an "oh sh*t" moment and threw her hands back on the exersaucer. Whew.... saved by the piano. Since then she has let go more intentionally, which has been fun to watch. It occurs to me that some of these major moments in TN history are meer accidents full of panic and then laughing.

New words include: "moo", "meow", and "uh-oh" (used just before intentionally throwing something on the floor... hmmm). We did have a discussion about how "uh-oh" doesn't count when referring to things you intentionally do wrong. It probably didn't sink in, but might as well keep trying.

New motions include:

1. Wagging the head Yes. Examples include:
"Do you want your bottle?" Head nodding rapidly.
"Do you want a bath?" Head nods rapidly.
"Are you done?" Head bobs up and down.

2. Wagging the head no. Examples?
"Terefech Nerys, no, that is for mommies" Shakes head back and forth, back and forth
"Terefech, what should you be doing?" Shakes head no, no, no, no
"Is that for babies?" No, no, no, no.

It's amazing how fast she catches on to the language and what we mean. Very occassionally she shakes her head yes when she really means no, but those are few and far between. I'm sure I could fire up the blog multiple times a day and write about our now 16 month old wonder... but, alas, there is playing to do!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


TN has discovered the power of voice and talking. That's right, our dearest TN can now scream at the top most possible range in the loudest possible voice ever! It is enough, truly, to cause us to cover our ears while she giggles in amazement at the wonder that is... The Voice.
Not only has she discovered pitch and range, dear readers, she now says words! That's right, after a scant 8 weeks home she is now in full throttle talking mode:

"done" which comes out more like "dn", vowel free. Done is said complete with hands in the air and a shrug of the shoulders. Yet another thing we didn't intend to teach. :)

"boom" or "bm", another vowel free word. Boom is used frequently as we are learning to walk. It comes complete with touching the area which has beem bm'ed upon. It's good to be specific.

"eye": Yes, the eye. The cat's have eyes, mommy has eyes, daddy has eyes, TN has eyes, Elmo has eyes, strangers have eyes. Ah, the glory of eyes.

"rub-rub": more like rrrb-rrrb, and is used when mommy applies soap, lotion or hand sanitizer while she rubs her hands together. very cute.

We have not been remiss in teaching her Amharic, the language predomantly spoken in her home country. She now says "asa" which means fish. When you ask her where asa is, she searches all over for it. She loves asa.

Our little (and she is still little!) girl is using her cognitive abilities well. You go girl. :)

Birds are VERY exciting.

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