Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow 2

We tried sledding again, this time making a more concerted effort not to face plant the poor girl in the snow. Taking advantage of one of the snow-melt days, we ventured across the street to the sledding hill and TN and daddy went for a spin. It turned out much better this time!

Before you go sledding, you get all your gear on and clear your nostrils. This is VERY important.

Right before going down the hill, you smile and wave to your adoring fans (all adults, children and infants are adoring fans.)

When you return from the bottom of the hill, you smile again, relishing in your accomplishments of the day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Those of you in our small inner circle know that TN slept with us, in our bed downstairs, for the first couple of months she was home. It helped her feel safe, helped us know she was breathing and well, and also allowed us to repond to her needs very quickly. While it was nice sleeping next to her all night, getting kicked started to be an issue. So, we tried transitioning her into a crib in her room, but that was an utter failure. We felt the best solution was to bring her crib downstairs and transition her there, and finally move her upstairs to her own room again.

That was 4 months ago. This weekend, we finally moved her crib upstairs-- she now sleeps in her own room. To me, our room seems suddenly empty; no sounds of her jostling and repositioning in the night, no sighs and babbled sleep talking. Having TN in our room for months wasn't always great for sleeping, no late night conversations between Terry and I that we used to have. But, now it suddenly seems too quiet and I worry about what I am missing. It was so heartwarming to hear her say, "HI!" in the morning when she woke up. As I would open my eyes, she'd be waving her good morning message. "Up?" she'd say, indicating that it was time to go upstairs. Sometimes she'd say, "night night all done!" I'll still hear her mini-messages over the baby monitor, but I won't get to see her smiling face and waving hands.

I know most people don't bring their babies home and have them sleep in their bed and then in their room for months on end. However, I have to say that I am so happy we took these steps, encouraged bonding by sleeping with us, having her so near we could respond quickly to her needs. I think these steps made our relationship as a family stronger. I miss my little girl sleeping downstairs.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


TN has a collection of hats. While all have the potential of practical application, few have had the opportunity as they have become objects of play. So, here's a blog in celebration of... The Hat.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who taught her that?

Over the holidays TN discovered word upon word upon word. Someone (hey you parents out there) should have given us the "don't teach her this word" list. One of the words we taught her was... poop. Yes, poop. We thought it would be good (silly us) if she could tell us when she had made a poo. We also taught her the word toot. You know, passing gas, breaking wind? At first she had the words correctly appropriated. But, then, something went wrong.

So, Terry and TN accompany me to the doctor. At the women's clinic. Yes, yes, probably not the best place for a toddler and a husband, but... that's another story. Nevertheless, here we all are at the women's clinic. Seated to our right are an older woman and her husband. They are probably in their early sixties and the woman is thinkin' TN is soooooo cute. We're reading TN books when two younger women enter the clinic and sit directly to our left, several seats away, and kitty-corner across the room respectively. Do you have the picture? So, we continue to read books. And suddenly, TN says VERY LOUDLY, "POOOOOP?! Poop! Poop!"

The older woman on the right starts laughing, because this is justifiably funny, but the two younger women stare at us in abject horror. They are mortified that our little 18 month old is announcing her poop. Clearly, they do not have children. The woman on the right, however, clearly has experience with this sort of thing and thinks its pretty funny. And, well, Terry and I laugh and say, "shhhh..." and so TN says, a bit quieter, "poop" all the while arching back and grabbing her bottom just in case we have missed the point. We thank her for using a quiet voice and express that we understand. We also learn that poop also means toot. No, little TN has not pooped in her diaper, she's just let a few little toots loose and wanted to let us know. Very kind of her to do so, of course. Perhaps not the best of environments in which to practice the word poop. However, she definitely got her message across.

So, to all of you parents out there who have pre-verbal children... don't teach them the word poop. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

La La?

No, she's not singing yet. And, no the teletubbies have not invaded our home (okay, they have...). La La is Elmo. That's right, that furry little red-furred Sesame Street character has a new name.

For those of you not in the Sesame Street loop... here's the scoop. Elmo has a song that goes something like this, "la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World!" While I don't like most corporate characters (disney, nickelodeon, etc.) invading my home, I don't mind Elmo. As such, TN owns a small Elmo doll and an Elmo cell phone ("Vone!"), which sings the title song (see above). She also watches Sesame Street on occassion... okay, she's not a television fan, so mostly she listens to Sesame Street while we make dinner.

The other day, she walks out of her bedroom carrying Elmo. We say, "Is that Elmo?" TN, "La La." "Elmo?" TN says again, "La La". Okay, well, poor Elmo is now a teletubbies character by the name of La La. So, she spent most of the day putting La La night night, burying Elmo in a huggies wipes box, and riding with Elmo in her lap while she sat in the Huggies box. Who said we needed toys? Any household object or container will do. When she forgot where she put La La (aka Elmo) she asked, "La La?"

So, here we are with our uber verbal child now making up names for characters. Too cute. On the positive side, at least I can say that she is transposing one PBS character for another. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Go Obama!

Okay, so this post isn't as political as it initially seems.

On the CHSFS board, one of the members highlighted what a great day this is for our brown children. And I have to agree. It's not about if you are democrat, republican or independent... or other. It's about finally having a person of color with the potential to lead our nation. It's about finally having a person of color, a brown man, to give our brown children a person to look up to: a Brown president.

It's also about finally celebrating all of the achievements Brown Americans have made for our country; those who already stand up and represent. In Minnesota, we count amongst them Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, who is also Brown. But, across the nation we are finally looking at, and talking about, the other great leaders of color who have stood up for the American Dream: Condeleeza Rice, John Conyers, Jr., and many others.

While I do support Obama, I also support what his representation means to me, and to my child, as she grows and looks for people who look like her, to look up to.

Addis Ababa Time