Thursday, February 21, 2008


TN became interested in the potty a few weeks ago. One of the children at daycare has been potty training, which sparked her interest. But, being in the bathroom while mommy and daddy do their business has also been very interesting. So, now that she has the language to tell us she is ready to go pee-pee or poop, we caved and bought a potty.

Her's looks something like this. The first day we introduced the potty TN was great! She excitedly made pee-pee and it didn't take long to figure out what a reward system was for her. Not toys, not stickers, not snacks. No, TN wanted to wipe. That's right, the honor of using time-tested, soft TP is the greatest reward on earth for making pee-pee or poop on the potty. This, of course, was not what we expected, but it sure works for us!
She's a bit young for potty training, and we don't expect any mastery anytime soon, but she sure is enthusiastic about using her potty. She let's us know when it's time to go, when she has finished, that she wants to "wipe, mommy", "flush mommy", and "wash hands, mommy". Most funny though is that she waves to the toilet and says, "bye, pee-pee!" as it washes down the toilet. Maybe the novelty of the potty will wear off soon, but so far, so good and it's fun to see her grow up so quickly!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Laughing it Up

I don't think 21 month old children are supposed to get sarcasm, much less practice it. I guess we could call it a joke. Further, no one else who lives in this house (hahaha) is EVER sarcastic. Never ever. I swear. As such, we're not sure where she picked up this skill.

So, TN understands that some things are hot, such as food cooking on the stove, steaming oatmeal, the oven/stove in general. She also understands that some things are cold, mostly snow and ice. However, mostly she understands that things are either hot or not hot. One day, she walked up to Terry with a piece of string cheese, pointed to it and said, "hot?" And before he had a chance to answer, shook her head and said, "nooooooooo!" in that teasing, bantering kind of lilt that let you know she was totally kidding. She then laughed and took a bite out of her cheese ("cheeeeesz!"). She does the same kind of thing with her colors too. She tells us an object is one color, then laughs and tells us the correct color. She's just too funny.

TN finds the humor in most things in life. Grandma JB taught TN to say "cha cha cha" and stomp her feet three times. TN thinks this is hilarious and will spontaneously walk up to us, stomp her feet and say, "cha cha cha!!", then laugh hysterically at herself.

I don't think TN could be more fun or more funny. She's such a hoot to be around and we can't wait to see her develop more humor!

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