Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

I promise...

To get to pictures up tonight of TN at the wedding! I'm sure we got some good ones and can't wait to see them myself!

Also, I promise to tell you that we are officially waiting for a referral for a baby sister... We are officially waiting for the referral of a baby sister!!!

New names TN has suggested:

Baby Sarah

White Baby (hmmm.....)


But not:




or Terry... Because those are other people's names... Apparently, my name doesn't count.

Too funny.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We had a wonderful time last weekend at Chad and Angie's wedding (our nephew got married!). TN was a flower girl and looked amazing! As soon as we get pictures loaded onto our computer, I'll post some here.

Congratulations to Chad and Angie!! May you have a beautiful, loving and laughter filled life together!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm getting a baby sister, mom

Last night, TN wanted me to cuddle her before she went to sleep. So, I sat on the floor with her cuddled into my chest as we rocked back and forth. The swirling rainbow nightlight made patterns on the ceiling and cast a pinkish glow to the room as I cuddled with my baby.

"Mom?" TN said as she looked in my eyes with that tired, glazed over smile.
"Yes, Nerys?" I asked.
"I'm going to have a baby sister."
"Yes, Nerys, you are. You're going to be a big sister."
"Yep. Mom, I'm going to cuddle with baby sister."
"Oh, she'll love that, Nerys. You will also be able to rock her and sing her some songs if you want."
"Yep. And, I'll give her a bottle."
"Yes, Nerys, baby sister will be very happy when you give her a bottle."
"Go get baby sister now?"
"No, sorry, we have to wait a few more months."
"Sorry, mom."
"It's okay, Nerys. Right now, you are my little baby and we'll cuddle. Close your eyes, Nerys. It's time for night, night. I love you."
"Love you, mommy."

*sigh* I wish every night were as peaceful and wonderful as this night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dad, you suck!

This evening we were on our way to Ethiopians for Ethiopians for a little get together, playing and language learning with other adoptive families. As we're pulling out of the driveway and heading down the road, TN pipes up from the carseat, "Dad! You suck!" Terry and I cast disturbed and questionning glances towards each other, clearly thinking, "No way did she just say that."

Then we asked her to repeat herself, "Dad! You suck!" followed by, "Mom, you suck!" I start laughing (because it's pretty funny, but don't worry, I didn't do it aloud). Then she says, "Dad, I suck too!" Then I really start laughing. She repeats it one more time before we figure out that she is saying, "Dad, you're stuck", "Mom, you're stuck", "I'm stuck too". After I get done laughing, I explain.

Quite a few weeks ago, TN decided that while I was driving home with her from daycare that I should hold her. After 3 days of attempting to explain that I couldn't hold her while I was driving, I finally told her that she was stuck and that I was stuck too. Our seatbelts made us stuck. This worked and ended days of sobbing and begging from the backseat.

I guess tonight, TN forgot her "t's" and as it turns out, we all suck.

I told TN she just got blogged. Too bad that doesn't mean anything to her yet...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing her

There are some days, as a parent, when I sit and stare at TN's picture on my computer at work. There is nothing I want more than to spend they day with her, playing, cuddling, and laughing. Sometimes, in fact, I want to be with her so badly that my heart aches. It's days like these that the guilt of having her in daycare hits and I feel like perhaps I am failing her as a parent.

There are trade-offs as a parent, there is no doubt. We could forego my income and the benefits that it gives our family, and devote all of my time and energies to her. But then, I know that I would likely not be the best stay-at-home mommy. I get so much out of my work: the challenges, the interactions with other educated professionals, the feeling that I am helping others throughout the States.

On the other hand it is so good to know that TN is acquiring good social skills, playing and learning in a structured environment with a few other friends at daycare. I know that she is safe, warm and loved at the very small care environment she is in and that she equally loves her care provider. All of these things are reassuring.

With the debate raging about Palin, McCain's VP choice, women have polarized to one faction or another: Stay at home and be a "responsible" parent or be "irresponsible" and leave your child in the care of others. Sure, the argument is more complicated than that (e.g., Palin has a child with special needs, a pregnant teenage daughter and a son going into the military), but surely one could make some of the same arguments about being the parent of an adopted child, needing perhaps more parental energy and care than a biological child.

Regardless, the pressures on parents today, especially (it seems to me) mothers are starting to feel the heat again about making a choice between career and children. As we head towards our second adoption, a second daughter and child in our life, this brings the issue into focus once again. I don't know that there is a "right" answer to this question. In fact, I think the answer to this question probably varies family to family and perhaps in even child to child within a family.

I think we have made the right choice, for our family, for this child, in this moment. That doesn't mean the situation won't change in the future. One of the beauties of life in these United States, regardless of political affiliation, is that we still have the right to make choices that are right for our own families.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are beginning a second adoption of a baby girl from Ethiopia. We are very excited to welcome a new baby girl home sometime in January of 2009.

Of course one of the major discussions at our household is names. We have included TN in on our naming discussions. She is excited to have a baby sister, so here are her suggestions (remember, she's 28 months now) for baby sister names:

1. Coffee: TN's favorite beverage. She also suggested coffee in amharic form: Buna
2. Pete: TN made up this word. It's one in a long list of words she has now "made-up" that are actually real words. She laughed hysterically when we repeated "Pete" and thought this was a good idea.
3. Darwin: Our cat
4. Fezz: Our kitten
4. Ooo-oooo: Her favorite sound from the They Might Be Giants "No!" soundtrack for children.

We'll keep you update on names and the newest upcoming addition to the family!

Thank you for your love and support!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Cure for a Cold

Poor TN woke up all congested on Saturday morning. The poor girl sounded miserable andwas losing her voice, but was up running around, playing, laughing and having fun. Nevertheless, I warmed up some water, added some honey and lemon and begged the child to drink it. She avoided it, of course, like the plague.

So, I told her that if she drank the water with lemon and honey it would make her nose feel better. She said, "Okay!", ran over to the couch, picked up her sippy cup and shoved the straw right up her left nostril... Not exactly what I had in mind.

After laughing my ass off, I asked her if she felt better, to which she proclaimed, "yep!".

So, next time you get sick, just shove a straw up your schnozz and all should be well. :)

Addis Ababa Time