Friday, March 28, 2008

TN enjoys life... A Pictorial

TN discovered that you can "drum" your heals on the side of the bench (pronounced "bunch" for those of you learning toddler-speak). It is very fun!

Also, it is funny when you can stand on your head and peak through your legs at Gramma W. In fact, you can look at anyone through your legs. This is amazing. Try this at home. You'll like it too.

Hey There! What's up? Oh, it's Mom!

Remember those glasses I told you about earlier? Well, I can wear them upside down, too. This way, they don't slide off of my nose. I love my glasses.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where Is....

TN is strongly identifying with names. Most of our conversations lately gather around "rules" and "where is____?"

This morning at 3:00 am, TN woke up and was doing the whiny crying thing. You know, not crying, but kinda that fake crying thing that just lets you know they need some attention? So, I get upstairs and TN greets me with, "daddy work?"

Me: "no, daddy is sleeping. It's still sleepy time, not work time."
TN: "no daddy work? Sleeping?"
Me: "yes, it is still time for sleeping."
TN: "yes, sleeping"

Bleery eyed, I rubbed her back and rocked back and forth before asking her if she was ready to lay in bed again. She whispered, "yes.", and so I laid her back down where she promptly went back to sleep. I was awake for another hour. Funny how that works.

Last week, TN was convinced that everyone was hiding. When I asked where daddy was, she would say, "hiding." It was a point of fact, not a question or ponderance. The week before we had a discussion about Popop (my dad). I told her that Popop had gone fishing.

"Fishing?!" she said from the back seat, sounding at once exasperated and shocked.
"Yes, fishing," I said.
"No!" TN said, "Fishing naughty! Popop naughty!"
I said, "No, fishing is okay. Popop will bring you some fish to eat."
"No! Naughty Popop fishing!" TN said.

After several rounds of this, knowing I was losing the battle, I gave up. Apparently fishing is bad, although I'm sure my father would beg to differ.

Either way, fun conversations like this have given rise to guesspeculating on where people are and what they are doing. Each morning, we go through the list of people she knows and she guesses where they are... Each morning we confirm or deny where someone might be. One thing always remains the same though: No matter what, my brother is always sleeping (Sorry, Chuckles!).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Playing House

TN received a Fisher Price doll house for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa W. We didn't open it for several months because it seemed a bit old for her. But, last month, we exhumed the house and its family from the box and set it up in the living room. It's pale pinks, blues and yellows now grace our living room floor. Originally the set came with a caucasion mom, dad and baby, two pink chairs, a yellow kitchen table, a kitchen set and a potty. It has now grown to also include a baby crib, lamp, rocking chair, baby papasan chair, puppy, living room set, armoire, and television. TN loves this toy and roleplays important parts of her own life over and over. There was only one thing really missing...

For months Terry and I looked for an African American family for the house, but could not find one. We looked in store after store, on the Fisher Price website and even called around. We could buy an entirely new house with an African American family, but that meant buying all of the pieces and the whole house again. We didn't need a whole new house! If we could buy a grandma and a stroller (white, of course), they why couldn't we just purchase an African American family. It simply wouldn't do to have an entirely white family living in the house, when our family just doesn't look like that.

Terry finally found the African American Family. On the Fisher Price website you can purchase the African American family not as a toy accessory, along with lamps, kitchen sets, etc. No, the African American Family is a "part", as in a piece to "fix" the original toy kind of part. Frankly, I'd searched the FP website rather extensively, but never thought to look for a black family as a "part". There's something about this that bothers me, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Rather, I feel that this family of color (mom, dad, baby) should be available just like any other accessory. Our family is not made up of faulty pieces. Our outside skin may not match, but we are not broken.

The big picture is, I'm upset about this now, but TN doesn't care. She loves her new family members just like the original ones that came with the set. Now she has two mommies, two daddies and two babies. They all use the potty, eat broccoli at the table and rock in the chair. She's not at an age yet where she knows that her skin is brown, and that our skin is peach and that someday she'll have questions about that. But, we care that she has representation of herself, in this house, in her toys, and that those images are positive from the start. So, it may have taken a while to find our family of color to play with, but it was worth it just to set the stage for the future.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dear Aunt Julie,

Thank you for the Super Fabulous glasses and hat for Valentine's Day. Since I love hats the mostest, this has become an essential part of my wardrobe. Additionally, I am now obsessed with glasses and am SOOOO happy that everyone in my close and extended family (but not my mommy) wears them! Because my mommy does not wear glasses, I have mommy put them on just for fun. Thank you for helping my mommy become a glasses wearer too. To show you just how much I LOVE my new wardrobe accessories, here are a few pictures.

Love, TN

p.s. I have also discovered that pants can be tied around the neck for a lovely scarf-like accoutrement. Hooray! And, look what a totally cool, hollywood kind of twinkle I have in my eyes. I couldn't have done it without you, Aunt Julie.

Aunt Julie, here is proof that you can walk, wear a glasses and a hat, a dress and pants, and look VERY cute at the SAME time.

And finally, although Mommy does not want me to post this picture, here she is sporting those cool shades. I am so excited that I am flipping backwards laughing.

Addis Ababa Time