Friday, August 22, 2008


TN is making up words. She finds this to be an extremely hysterical pasttime as she gets others to repeat her new made-up word.

A couple of weeks ago, TN started saying "bic!" and then waiting for you to repeat it back to her. As soon as you do, she's bent over in stitches laughing at your use of this clearly not-real word. It was during this same time period that she spent a couple of days over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She kept walking up and telling them, "bic!". They struggled and wondered what this word was! What was this girl trying to communicate to them? What did she need or want? So, Terry gave me a call-- I was in Miami-- and said, "Umm, maybe you know the answer to this question. TN has been saying this 'bic' word all weekend and Aggie and your dad and mom are trying to figure out what this means. I think its driving them nuts." I started laughing on the other end of the phone, explaing that it means roughly... absolutely nothing. It has no meaning, she's just trying to get people to say unreal words because its funny. Poor D&J spent a weekend trying to muster up the meaning of bic, only to find out it meant absolutely nada.

As these word games of hers continue, we laugh and laugh. This is the best game ever invented. Just ask TN.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who's Yo Momma?

Now that TN is a super-speaker, and everyone thinks she's 3, she's started asking some very interesting questions. Once in a while her 2-year old slang is hysterical and/or embarrassing depending on the situation.

TN has taken to saying, "Who's Yo Daddy?" and "Who's Yo Mama?". More often than not, she now walks around pointing at strangers saying, "That's not yo mama!" or "That's not yo daddy!" While it is funny when we are alone, it did pose a certain problem for daycare a few days ago.

Tammy took TN on a walk. They happened to be behind an African man who was also walking down the sidewalk. TN is talking away when she abruptly says, very loudly of course, "That's not yo Daddy, Tammy!" Tammy said, "No, you're right, that's not my daddy". TN then exclaims, "That's my daddy!". The man then turns around, looks at TN and says in a heavy accent. "No, I am not your daddy." Poor Tammy was about ready to melt into the sidewalk as TN confirmed that this man was, indeed, not her father.

But, it never fails that we get into a public place and TN is pointing to everyone in their brother loudly proclaiming that everyone in the store is or is not her daddy or mommy. It usually draws quite the giggle and laugh from passerby's... but then, I've also seen the eyebrows go up as people start to wonder what the heck is wrong with this kid? She doesn't even know her parents!

Oh well, TN thinks it's all fun and games. These lovely experiences usher us into the two-year old phase... how to embarrass your parents. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Famiversary!

Yesterday we celebrated our first famiversary!!!! Believe it or not, it has been ONE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR since we came home. We miss our beloved friends we met in Ethiopia and all of their amazing children, we miss the sites and smells of Ethiopia and all her beautiful people. I think about TN's Ethiopian family and talk to her about them even though I know she doesn't yet understand. Someday she will, though, and I want to make sure that they've been an ever present, positive and loving entity in her life even if she doesn't remember them.

It has been such a beautiful, rewarding, and amazing year. I love being a mommy so much words can't express... Terry is a fantastic and wonderful daddy. It's so fun to watch TN and Terry wrestling on the floor, or TN "jumping" on dad's tummy and chest. My favorite thing about being a family? If TN spies Terry and I exchanging hugs and kisses, TN grabs our legs and says, "Nerys hugs too!!" So, we pick her up and squeeze her between us with great big hugs; then we each shower her with kisses. She squeals with delight and yells, "again!" I can't help but beam at these endearing and fun family moments. I am blessed beyond words to have TN in our family, and to have her love us as much as we love her.

Happy Famiversary, Family!!

TN about 1.3 years ago, just before we traveled to Ethiopia.

TN a few weeks ago. A beautiful, super-smart and funny little 2 year old. We love, love, love you TN!

Addis Ababa Time