Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come on Mom!!,

As soon as I opened the door, TN came rushing over, "Come on, Mom, come on!" Puzzled, I looked at Terry who shrugged and smiled, "She has something to show you." TN grabbed my hand and rushed me across the house and into the bathroom. She flung open the toilet bowl seat and proudly declared, pointing for emphasis, "I made green poop!!!" My eyebrows raised, I looked at Nerys, looked at Terry, started laughing and told her she did a great job. "It's Green!!!" she said again. Then she asked if she could flush it. You see, she had made the green poop earlier in the evening and SAVED it for me to make sure I could see the green poop, too. What a sweetheart.

You never know what you're coming home to, I guess.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

This year, Santa became a major household topic. TN read about santa, sang about santa, told us what santa wears and was ready for him to come. However, on Christmas morning, TN ignored all the gifts that mysteriously appeared under the tree, choosing to read books and play with toys she already had. Soon, she noticed a beautiful rocking chair Grandpa W made for her and has since spent a lot of time in. I'll post pictures soon!

TN was lavished with beautiful clothes, some of which she spent a lot of time layering one piece over another. She was... plush... She received puzzles and books, coloring books, and awesome tools to play with. Now, she spends much of her time hammering away at "nails" and figuring out how that darn screwdriver works. Ah, the mysteries of building and pounding.

We enjoyed our wonderful Christmas with friends and family. Thank you everyone, for making the holidays so special.

On January 7th, it will be Christmas day in Ethiopia, where our little Siloty will celebrate with her care-center infant buddies. We wish she was home with us and will think of her half way around the world...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Parenting Two?

On December 4th, Siloty Ezri turned 1 month old. So hard to imagine a baby so small, after bringing home TN at 14 months. Soon, we'll bring SE home to our family, joining TN and SE as sisters, making us a family of four.

Sometimes I am so excited to get SE home I can't stand myself. Sometimes I am so nervous about parenting a toddler and an infant that I wonder what the heck we were thinking! But, more often than not now, I try to imagine what our household will actually be like. I imagine that maybe TN will be jealous? Or will she want to be with SE all the time? Will they be friends as they get older, or be sibling rivals at each others throats?

I know there are no answers and that I'm coming up with hypotheticals that cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, here we are, preparing for SE to come home to MN, introducing her to a whole new world. Hopefully, we can be as good of parents to two children as we trepiditiously hope we are with one.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crying Hand, Fever Hand

Thanks to F and C W who gave TN the greatest gift ever... a crying, feverish baby who needs band-aids, shots in the rear and who has all the right equipment for the checking of tonsils. TN, after many weeks, has finally named her CeCe.

TN LOVES THIS DOLL. She carries it everywhere, kissing her little head, telling her everything is okay and patting her on the bottom. It is absolutely adorable. CeCe sleeps with her, goes to Target, in the car, in the truck and everywhere she possibly can.

What is so funny is seeing and hearing all of the things we have said and done to her over the year come spilling out in her own actions and words. If you ever wonder how it is you really parent your kids, get them a doll and see what they do. I now feel confident that we are doing at least SOME things right.

Thanks W clan for the great doll. TN now has her own crying hand and fever hand (squeeze them and the appropriate actions occur) and is a great two and a half year old mommy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


We learned on Thursday that our baby girl, Siloty was in the hospital in Ethiopia with the flu. We were so concerned and worried for our 5 week old little girl. Good news arrived yesterday that Siloty is out of the hospital and is doing well. We'll even get new pictures soon!!

It's hard to describe how horrible it is to know I had a five week old in the hospital thousands of miles away from us. I was in Texas on a business trip; Terry and Nerys were in Minnesota. Regardless of our geography, there was nothing either of us could do for our little one, execpt put our faith in the doctor's and nurses caring for out little one so far away. All went well.

Now, we wait for our court date and the chance to meet our little one in February. We will name her Siloty Ezri, meaning My Prayer, Helper and Aid. She will be about 3 months old at homecoming, so tiny. But, as FW says, she is strong, she's a fighter and will be ready for her mommy and daddy soon.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and hopes as we sent loads and loads of positive energy towards our little one in Ethiopia.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drop Trow

So, recently, TN has decided that whenever her bottom has a problem she should drop pants and panties immediately to investigate the issue. We're not sure why, as everything APPEARS to be fine. Nevertheless, whenever the girl has an itch or a twitch, she suddenly drops trow in the middle of wherever

  • The kitchen
  • The living room
  • Grandma's...

We're waiting for the day she drops everything in the middle of target or something. Nevertheless, those great body parts are the subject of many conversations lately. It means we spend time checking things out, decide everything is alright and the panties and pants back up, ready for play.

Gotta love two year olds. Everything is an investigation and no one is spared playing the role of investigator or becoming the investigatee.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mary had a....

TN sings songs. A lot of songs. Recently, it has become more fun to make up new words to songs rather than sing them as designed.

Mary had a little.... lemonade.

Mary had a little.... cow race (we've been playing cow racing on the new wii)

(saving the best for last) Mary had a little.... nipple.

It's so fun to teach your kids the real words to body parts. You never know when they're going to, umm, pop up.

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