Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One week

One week from today, we are scheduled to go through court in Ethiopia and officially become Soly's parents. We are excited, worried, and hope beyond all else that the process is smooth, and she sails through with no problems.

We received new pictures of Soly a couple of weeks ago and she is so beautiful. It's amazing how children can look so different from one another. Soly is tiny, with huge brown eyes, a small little nose, and straight black hair. She has tiny feet and hands, and a pudgy little tummy. She has this amazing gummy smile that makes her cheeks puff out; her little tongue peeks through her diminutive, puckered lips.

Soon, we hope to hold that little body in our hands, feel her tiny fingers grasp ours and look into those deep brown eyes in person.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oy Vey!

Life in the World-Revolves-Around-Nerys household has been one rollercoaster after another lately. I find myself taking steps backwards here and there wondering what the heck is coming up next.

TN seems to have hit puberty and developed bi-polar disorder at the same time. She has developed a flare for the dramatic and has become quite good at starting to cry, but has developed no capacity for shutting off the tears. One morning what started as fake, whiny, I'm-not-getting-my-way turn on the tears moment turned into a 20 minute session of gasping sobs, flying tears and a runny nose. We were late to daycare that morning. Sometimes she just starts to cry and we ask, "What's wrong?" and she says, "I don't know!"... Couldn't we have at least waited until 12 or 13 for this? A co-worker, Marcia, said, "oh, they're like this from about 2-4 and then again from about 12 through their teenage years. This will give you an idea of what puberty will be like." Yikes! And, we'll have TWO girls!

Speaking of our second little one... she finally left the hospital after two weeks. She had suffered from a diaper rash which broke open and caused a very, very bad infection, and hospitalization. The court date is but 10 days away, and we ask for your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers as we plan our travels to Ethiopia in the next few weeks. With any luck all will run smoothly from this point forward and our little Soly will be in our arms soon.

Friday, March 6, 2009


We learned yesterday that Siloty has been in the hospital again. She was very ill with difficulty breathing. We are not sure of her diagnosis at this point. Our godsend, Melissa, is bringing us pictures, video and information about her on Sunday, so we can learn more. We knew she had lost about 15-20% of her weight, but is now catching up again. As of today, she weights 9lbs 4 ozs, so she's still a bitty little girl.

We are very scared for her and sad and frustrated there is no way we can help. We cannot hold and comfort her. We are glad the agency is helping to make sure she is getting good care in a hospital.

Please send good thoughts her way and pray that we get an earlier court date so we can get our little baby home.

Addis Ababa Time