Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why? Why? Why? Why? Oh. What? What's that? What's that? Where'd it come from? Why?

See a theme? We have formally entered the Question Everything period of life. She doesn't want to know if it's a red car anymore. No, she wants to know if the car drives itself? Why is she driving it? Where is she going? What is her name? Is she going to Target? I, of course, know nothing about the stranger in the car next to me, much less why/where/what/how, etc. "I don't know" is not a sufficient answer. As a parent, I *should* know everything. About everyone. And every situation. Alas, as (ah-hem) wise as I am, I do not know all. Omniscience is not yet a skill of mine. I also do not read minds. I know, you're shocked. My child is too.

Then, there are the topics that we don't really want oto cover... yet. Or, at least not in detail. TN wants to know everything, and I mean details. I couldn't bring myself to actually give her the word for the bump between her legs. I couldn't adequately explain how the baby got into lots of women's tummy's. Why do people throw up? Where does the pee come from? What does blood do? How do you explain these things to two year olds.

I assume we'll pass by these subjects again in the near future. Hopefully I'll have better answers than I do now. Until then, umm, suggestions are welcome :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adoption Update

So, as you know, we have a referral for a beautiful baby girl named Siloty. Siloty Ezri is now 3.5 months old and in Ethiopia still. While we had hoped and expected to be home with her by now, this was not to be. As with all international adoptions, there can be bumps on the road and we've run into a few of those.

Things are looking up though! We have an official court date of March 31st and are very, very, very much hoping to pass through court the first time through. If we get through Ethiopian Court, SE will officially be our beautiful daughter and we will be able to leave for Ethiopia around 2 weeks later. By mid-April, we hope to be traveling to meet our new baby.

TN is very excited to have a little sister. Our friends Melissa and Ryan will be bringing some clothes and a cute little note to Siloty. TN added a note too, and it looked something like this ^<>&><^><^, Love Nerys. :)

Melissa rocks the house and will be meeting our little one and bringing us an update. Shout out to Melissa: YOU ROCK!! We hope your trip rocks and your meeting of Sifan is amazing and wonderful. We can't wait to meet the new addition to your family!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's turning to pee!

TN is obsessed with how things work. So, we've been telling her. This has put us on a crash course with explanations about any and all things related to body (where'd that pee come from?) to mechanics (Does the car drive itself?).

Thus, we have explained, as much as possible how any of these things work. When she asked how she got pee, we explained that when she drank her lemonade it went into her tummy, then to her kidneys (pointed to where they were) and then her bladder (pointed to that, too) and told her that it comes out as pee-pee. Her take on it was that coffee/lemonade/water/ice all turn into pee... like in the cup you are drinking from.

This led to our first scientific experiment with 2.5 year old TN. We put crushed ice into a glass cup and waited. We waited patiently. The ice turned to water. Connection made. Then, we drank the water. We talked again about stomach to kidneys to bladder to pee pee in the potty. Voila, we have a child semi-familiar with the workings of the body and how ice is frozen water.

When we got to talking about the car... well, this was different. Of course, the cars these days kinda do "drive themselves". But, I told TN, "Mommy's feet and hands tell the car what to do". TN sat quietly in the back seat. Looking through the rear-view mirror, I could see her processing. "Mom?" she said, "your feet don't have a mouth!". Indeed. After expaling the fine workings of the left peddle (brake), right peddle (go!) and the steering wheel. She said, "And theeeen it goes by itself." *sigh* "Yes, Nerys, then it goes by itself."

Friday, February 6, 2009

TN makes brownies

TN made brownies. We love our new kitchen and it has inspired a plethora of cooking and baking. Now, with a reliable stove, full-size stove/oven, a new mixer and space to store real kitchen equipment we've been quite busy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's been a while...

Sorry about the long lapse in posts. Life has been pretty hectic around here.

I was sick with my Meneire's Disease, with dizzy spells and have beem home a lot trying to be on the mend. That lasted about two weeks and I am now just trying to stay on top o fit.

We've also had some roadblocks with our second adoption; we were hoping to be home with Siloty Ezri by now, but the court system in Ethiopia is backlogged and this has slowed our journey. Our new court date is March 31st, so far from now. If all goes well and we get through court, we should travel in mid-April. Siloty will be 6 months old... We are still very excited to meet her, but mourn the time we have lost.

TN continues to amaze and inspire. She now counts from 1-15 on her own, knows her abc's by heart and has memorized so many of her books that we hardly have to read them to her at all. Her capacity for picking up language and ideas is astounding. Rationale, reasoning and logic seem to be her new loves... connecting the dots, putting things together, and spending hours figuring out how something works. We have also taken to cooking together. It's the next blog to come!

Please give us your hopes and prayers as we move forward with our journey's in life. We hope all of you are doing well this new year!

Addis Ababa Time