Friday, January 13, 2012

And, we're back!

Happy 2012!  Yes, this blog has been silent for 2 years... time flies when you're having fun parenting, working, and playing the game called Life.

Now that the agency we used for our second adoption has been closed by the Ethiopian government, and it's owner put out of business (hopefully forever), I feel that it is safe to open our blog back up and begin again with a life that doesn't need to be protected for fear of lawsuits and harassment.

Where we are now...

TN is 5!  TE is 3!  Both are happy, healthy, thriving and growing faster than we can possibly keep up with.  Here's a year (or so) in review:

TN started Kindergarten last September and is a full-time student.  Unsure if we would advance her right to 1st grade, we decided Kindergarten was a better place to hone some social skills and we'd assist on making sure that homework was challenging enough. TN is our rules girl.  Some say she'll definitely be the engineer in the family.  In addition to having taught herself adding, subtracting and even some multiplication, our 5 year old whiz kid loves making circuits with dad, growing crystals, collecting agates and looking at biological samples in her microscope. She also loves her barbie, weaving, puzzles and crafts.  She also loves writing notes to her parents and friends, which are tucked in every book, nook and cranny in our house!

TE is a spitfire! Rules are optional, drama is in!  A powerhouse dancer, singer, runner, actress, and cook, she's the one that keeps us on our toes.  Finding ways to make even a stool dangerous, it's fun to climb, fly down a slide as fast as she can, exalt in going "faster, faster, faster!" and to rock out to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Even during years of illness, she showed the resilience and strength of a god, happy, entertaining, and always engaging everyone around her.

In the coming months, we'll keep you posted on the things that makes us go "hmmm..." or laugh hysterically.  Thanks for sticking around :)

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